-\girl, 'me too'

...so freakin' what? 

powerful, beautiful, BADASS, important, unique, magnificent, rare & MAGICAL ....just for starters ;)

it's the book every woman wished she had growing up; filled with 150+ uplifting messages, quotes, and poems on body acceptance, confidence, goal setting, and healthy relationships. so yeah, you should treat yo' self and make sure to get yourself a copy :)

...more reasons to love 'me too'

This book is a rare gem, packed full of empowerment and confidence. It reminds us all to shine that little bit brighter.

CAUTION TO READERS: you’re likely to want to take on the world after reading.
— Emma McILROY, Founder + CEO of WildFang
‘Me Too’ is a perfect platform for creating connection through inspired self love. These messages will encourage you to honor and embrace your own story while continuing to stitch this much needed thread of girl-empowerment throughout society.
— Alexis Jones Founder, I AM THAT GIRL & ProtectHer
Arise! This is the ultimate call from Jolie Brownell’s Me Too that will stay with every young woman who reads her inspirational pages. Written from her own experience, you will be led by her into a deeper sense of love and appreciation for both yourself and those around you. A must read for tweens and teens!
— Stephanie Rosic, freelance writer, editor, and blogger at The Blended Life
This book will do more than uplift you; you will rediscover your own potential
and be inspired to fully step into the power you possess.
— Amanda Slavin, Founder + CEO of CatalystCreativ

meet the author

the 18 year old author + creator of MTG

- Jolie Brownell